Save time, save the planet, and keep your financial information more secure by signing up for E-Statements from The Morris State Bank.

eStatement Enrollment Form



Once set up to receive E-Statements, you can view the many time, anywhere you have e-mail access. You also have the flexibility of importing your statement in to an MS Excel worksheet, Quicken program, or viewing it as a PDF file.


You won't need to be concerned about lost or stolen mail.Having your statements delivered securely to your e-mail can assist in ID Theft protection.

Environmentally Friendly

Make a positive impact on the environment by eliminating the need for paper statements. According to 1, in just one year,by switching from paper to electronic billing, statements, and payments, the average American household would:

  • Save 6 pounds of paper
  • Save 68 gallons of waste water from discharging into lakes, streams, and rivers

Prevent the production of 30 pounds of greenhouse gasses, which is the equivalent of:

  • The emissions avoided by not driving 35 miles 
  • Preserving 5 square feet of forest from deforestation

Fast Online Delivery

Get immediate access to your bank statements as they are sent to your e-mail inbox via a Password Protected .Zip file.

Less Clutter

Reduce clutter by storing bank statements in paperless format.

To enroll, please complete the E-Statement Form and mail or bring it by MSB to one of our Personal Bankers.